The Problem with Japanese Knotweed

One of the biggest problems that you can have on your land is Japanese knotweed. This invasive and aggressive plant causes issues all over the country and it all started from one female plant arriving in the UK, which then became out of control.

It is illegal to grow this plant in the wild as it causes huge problems for the local ecosystem, and although it is not illegal to grow it in your garden, there are very few gardeners who would want to do such a thing, as it is renowned for causing problems and can be very difficult to remove.

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Knowing how to identify Japanese knotweed is important, as catching it early makes it easier to get rid of. It is a challenging plant to deal with, and when it is growing on land anywhere, it is better to get professionals in to deal with it, like this contaminated land remediation company to come and do it for you.

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There are also plants that look similar to it, so get it identified to make sure that it is Japanese Knotweed – for example, many people mistake it with Russian vine, as it looks similar.

If you decide to tackle it yourself, be aware that it is incredibly robust, and when disposing of it, you are not allowed to put any part of the plant in with your household or garden waste. It is also a plant that can do a lot of damage to property if left, as it is able to get through concrete, so your foundations of your home and the walls could be at risk.