Business success tips for car garage owners

Are you thinking of setting up your own garage or auto repair business? Perhaps you are looking to branch out into offering more in your existing garage.

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If the answer is yes, then we have a few pointers to get you off to a flying start.

Once you’ve registered your company and got all the business systems in place, including invoicing and accounting, it’s a good idea to look around to secure top quality parts. This is an essential step and it’s important if you want the right reputation. You will also want to ensure that you have access to all the best suppliers and may need to look at Plastic Moulding companies if you are looking for specific parts such as those offered by

While it might be true that your customers won’t know what an insulated flexible duct is or does, as explained here,
they will know when it is repaired correctly and they have no more issues with it.

Work on your customer service so they keep coming back

Garages and auto repair services can have a dodgy reputation among the general public. So prove them wrong by going above and beyond. This means working on your customer service skills and rewarding clients with incentives and rewards to ensure they come back.

Cars need to be serviced regularly, so customers who receive top-notch care will ensure you have repeat business. Not only that, they’ll spread the word giving you more business without having to advertise.

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Become a specialist

While great customer service and parts can get you far, it still might not be enough to make you a great success. One way to set you apart from the rest is to specialise. Then you’ll have a name within your community and an expertise that they can rely on.

Connect with a network

It looks very good on paper if your business joins a network that is reputable. Networks such as Trust My Garage assure customers that the garages within their network work to a certain standard. Car owners will then know that this garage isn’t in the business of ripping off clients and looks to give quality service.

Business networks often help out with marketing, development and business strategy.

Use social media

Today this is the most important tool for getting your business out into the wider world. Not only can you promote what it is you do, but you can interact with customers and keep your name in the public sphere. Facebook and Twitter are the most obvious platforms and give you access to millions of profiles.