We’re Still With The Clones!

And it looks like Valentino is going to become one of the most cloned this season!

Zara has already taken her version as a dancer of the famous design! The grace costs nothing more and nothing less than 59’95 euros! I have not found it on their website but they have it in store! For those interested, they are from Woman.

We're Still With The Clones! In addition, you have the option of the dancer without tacks and gold. Or the one we talked about, in red patent leather with a medium heel!

We're Still With The Clones!Shoe clones And it is no coincidence that H & M has produced half collection with the apple print … One, two, three, four and even five garments are this characteristic print clearly inspired by the Resort 2011 Miu Miu!

The truth is that it has been very cute!!!

Shoe clonesHow’s the season going? Many clones in sight?

And in a little while … Our new section: Buy it or burn it or Arrggsss & loves, you choose in the poll on the right!!!

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