History of Baccarat

The origins of Baccarat seem to be a mystery with many legends associated with how it began.  Most of these accounts or legends, depending on what one believes, begins with an Italian gambler, while some accounts speak of a French croupier named Felix Falguerein who is credited with inventing the game.  There are also other accounts of an Etruscan ritual where the nine gods would pray to a virgin who would grant them a dice which would then determine their fate, either they would become a priestess or they would drown at sea.

What Does The Name Mean?

The word Baccarat is also a term used for a hand that totals zero.  The word Baccarat seems to mean zero in one of the European languages.  Today the term means the same, a hand that totals zero, and also refers to the cards, ten and face cards which also have a value of zero.  The game was known as Chemin de Fer, which actually means railroad and was different to the game being played today.  Because of the way gaming has grown in the US, Baccarat has evolved over the years, and is now played in most land-based casinos and also played online at sites like River Belle casino.

Older Versions

With the original Baccarat game players had the choice of taking or refusing a card, which players cannot do with the current version of the game.  With the Chemin de Fer version the bank responsibility was given to the players.  The game that is played today players can place a bet on the hand or tie and the banker is always the role of the house.  There is always a built in mathematical edge in all casino games and always favours the house and this determines the profit that the casino makes in the long run.

Baccarat was then brought to the US and played in land-based casinos around the 1950s in Nevada, the gambling centre.  The game was popular and became an instant hit and still is today and forms part of almost every land-based casino in the world.  The game has always been associated with high rollers, and this is probably because there are usually high table limits at many casinos or that Baccarat players enjoy high stakes.

Baccarat is usually associated with James Bond where he often came face to face with the bad guys overs a game of Baccarat, and the stakes were always high.  The fact that the game became popular in the Bond films definitely contributed to it becoming even more popular.  It also played a big part in more casino players wanting to learn more about the game.

Baccarat Today

In the casinos a popular version of Baccarat is a slightly different version and bets are placed and the game is played using strict rules.  The player does not have the choice of drawing a card or not and the outcome of both hands will determine the next step and the dealer will then make the next move.  With some online versions the cards are dealt face down and players are able to turn them over and then place their bet, this just adds some excitement to the game.  The next action is determined by the cards that are dealt and players do not really have to make any decisions.

Although there are many accounts of how Baccarat originated, the most important thing is that today it is a game that can be enjoyed by everyone and with online Baccarat many more players can enjoy a game of Baccarat.