What do customers value most about a small business website?

The digital world is not always what it seems to be, so trust is particularly important, especially for smaller businesses that have to compete with large organisations for customers. Make sure that your website is sending visitors all the right messages by incorporating the following features.

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Excellent, clear content

Your content needs to speak directly to your visitors, engaging them, and encouraging them to make a purchase. According to an article in Forbes, your brand’s reputation rests upon your content, so make sure that it sends out the clear message that you understand your market and adhere to strict core values.

Appropriate colour scheme

The colours that you use for your website help to define your brand, so make sure that they reflect the message that you are aiming for. Wherever possible, the colours used across your site should link in with your offline colour scheme, for a cohesive brand identity.

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Top-notch web design

Aim for the best quality website that you can afford, as it is the online face of your business. Your site should display quickly and seamlessly across all devices and platforms, so always choose a bespoke design over a DIY build. Many agencies, such as Cardiff web designers Ambercouch, offer services to large and small organisations, so you don’t need to blow the budget. This Cardiff web designer uses WordPress to create CMS sites that you can easily update yourself, keeping costs to an absolute minimum, whilst presenting a high-quality and professional website to your visitors.

Intuitive navigation

Your website should make it easy for visitors to find the products, services or information that they are in search of. Make sure that your menus are easy to find, and don’t make your visitors rely on clicking the ‘Back’ button to navigate your site. A search box is an incredibly useful tool that your customers will thank you for providing, so ask your Cardiff web designer to include this feature on your site.

Include videos

Video tutorials are incredibly helpful for demonstrating your products and services, so include these wherever possible. A video is easier to understand than complicated diagrams, and offer you a chance to create further bonds with your customers.

Customer testimonials

Let visitors read about the experiences of other customers, as this provides additional reassurance that your company is trustworthy.