The 8 Most Incredible Hostels In Europe

Fabrizzio's Terrace, Barcelona (Spain)

Traveling is an unforgettable experience, no one can deny it. What if we also stayed in places that did not fit into the “normal” category? In this article we will tell you which are the 8 most incredible hostels in Europe for you to organize your trip. You will be amazed at the originality of these accommodations.

Incredible European hostels

What do we usually look for in a hotel? Make it comfortable, economical and have a good location. That is what we can find without problems, but if we also want them to be original and make us live a different experience we cannot stop choosing one of these hostels in Europe:

Arkabarka Floating Hostel, Belgrade (Serbia)1. Arkabarka Floating Hostel, Belgrade (Serbia)

It is located on the banks of the Danube River and instead of having built on land … it is floating! In the surroundings you can enjoy a beautiful park.

You do not have to travel far to find it, since it is only a few minutes from the center of the Serbian capital. It is an ideal place to be in full contact with nature. From the hotel terrace you can enjoy beautiful views of the river and nearby trees.

The Secret Garden, Krakow (Poland)2. The Secret Garden, Krakow (Poland)

Already the name makes us curious. This hotel, located in the historical district of Kazimierz, draws attention to the architecture of its building and also the names that have been given to the rooms (no numbers), divided into the fruit wing or the herbs .

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Each room has a decoration according to its denomination. For example you will find the apple pie or the mint sorbet. The purple lounge has internet access and each night they spend a movie to enjoy with other guests.

 Sleeperzzz (Scotland)3. Sleeperzzz (Scotland)

This beautiful country of United Kingdom has wonderful landscapes and traditions. If you go to the Highlands you will be able to experience an unrepeatable sleep in an old train, but without leaving aside all the comforts of a hotel.

No noise or movement as the train is stopped. Sleeperzzz is located in the small village of Rogart and is surrounded by nature at its best.

Fabrizzio's Terrace, Barcelona (Spain)4. Fabrizzio’s Terrace, Barcelona (Spain)

Fabrizzio’s terrace is perfect for going with friends and making friends during our stay. It is a few minutes from the Rambla and resembles any modern house. It has a large sofa, video games, TV, movies and lots of colorful walls and decoration. Breakfast consists of yogurt with cereals, orange juice, coffee with milk and bread and butter. What’s so strange about that? What can you ask for at any time of the day!

Palmer's Lodge, London (England)5. Palmer’s Lodge, London (England)

It is located in the Camden district in a Victorian building, in the best old London style.

It was built with large windows, high ceilings and ornate parquet floors. All the furniture is of dark wood with reliefs. The rooms are very spacious … there are 14 beds in each! It has a bar called Chapel that serves local beer to enjoy while listening to good music.

Ostello Bello, Milan (Italy)6. Ostello Bello, Milan (Italy)

It is a hostel designed for those who like to rest in the hotel after a day touring museums or attractions. It has many books and games … and even musical instruments! Perfect if you are thinking of astounding a guest who has loved it. You cannot miss its beautiful terrace full of plants. It is a few meters from the Duomo , so it will be very easy to find.

Chiosco delle Monache, Volterra (Italy)7. Chiosco delle Monache, Volterra (Italy)

If you are strolling through Italian lands this hotel should be among your essentials. It is an old Franciscan convent built in the fifteenth century in the middle of a valley and between two rivers (Era and Cecina).

Although the hull of the building maintains its original architecture (for example its arches), the rooms are very modern, although the decoration is somewhat austere and simple. From there you can continue your way through Pisa, Siena and Florence.

Ostel Das Ddr Hostel, Berlin (Germany)8. Ostel Das Ddr Hostel, Berlin (Germany)

You may have seen several films about this country at the time the wall divided it in half. This hostel allows you to travel to the past and live in the Cold War years. The decor looks like the 70’s and that includes wallpapers on the wall, the television, the alarm clock, the lamps and everything you can imagine.

Which of these hostels will you go to have another nice story to tell about your travels?

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