Famous Fictional Pubs

Pubs have, for a long time, been at the heart of our villages, towns and cities. It is no surprise, therefore, that they also feature significantly in fiction. Books, films and TV programmes have all featured iconic drinking establishments. Here are a few that you’d probably love to drink in:

Only Fools and Horses – The Nag’s Head

Who wouldn’t want to share a pint with Del Boy and Rodney Trotter? This London boozer was full of working class cheer and likely lads which ensured it was a fictional pub that we held dear. A quick visit to the wine bar where Del Boy fell through the bar opening would also be a must!

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Eastenders – The Queen Vic

Is there anything that hasn’t happened in this iconic pub? Comedy, romance, tragedy – this bar has seen it all over the years. Who could resist having a pint pulled by Dirty Den or Peggy Mitchell?

Rovers Return – Coronation Street

You don’t even need to watch soaps to instantly recognise the TV programme these pubs are associated with. The Rovers Return makes Coronation Street what it is, such is the importance of that particular filming location. For those who own a real pub, you might be interested in Finance for Pubs. Visit Specialist Business Finance for details on Finance for Pubs.

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Cheers – Cheers

Such is the importance of this bar that the whole series was named after it. Characters played out their lives inside this establishment which portrayed the essential role that social venues play for drinking, talking, and enjoying life’s ups and downs together.